Consignment Instructions

How to sell products through Kickz Inc with Consignment:

Kickz Inc Online is a reputable online and brick and mortar store located in San Jose, Ca where you can sell all your Kickz to a larger base of dedicated customers. Through the consignment process you can submit 1 or multiple items to Kickz and watch them sell through the online store on your very own dashboard which will allow you to add new products and view all your products at any time. Here is the process:

  1. Register with Kickz Inc Online through the online registration process, make sure to click “register as consignee” or login if you are already a consignee

  2. Follow these 5 easy steps to upload your product to the Kickz Online store so you can manage and view your products. Once you submit an item it will be in “review” mode till it has been reviewed by Kickz. To Find the “Add Products” link you must be logged in. You can add products from your Consignee Dashboard or the link in the top menu.

    1. STEP 1: Enter a name for your product
    2. STEP 2: The product description box allows you to enter information such as size, color and any notes you have about your product. This will be reviewed and inserted in the final product.
    3. STEP 3: Enter an appropriate price, this price is what you wish to have your product sell for but due to inventory and sales issue’s Kickz Inc reserves the right to sell the product for a standard market value. You are assured we will do our best to sell your product for the price you want.
    4. STEP 4: OPTIONAL: Add a product picture. This will help Kickz Inc Identify your product once it has been sent to us. A picture from a cell phone will be sufficient. Kickz Inc will take a professional picture of your item’s once they have arrived in stores.
    5. STEP 5: Click “Submit for Review” to alert Kickz Inc your item is on its way. Don’t forget to send the item in so you can take advantage of Kickz Inc customer base in there physical location and online.
  3. Send your product’s along with your personal information to Kickz Inc so that your product can be sold along side Kickz Inc own product’s online and in stores.

    Kickz Inc, 3242 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose California, 95117

  4. Kickz Inc will handle selling your item for you and disburse you payment’s after your item is sold. You can keep track of all your sales on your consignee dashboard.